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The Facts on Nutrition:

We have become a fast food society and obesity is now a national epidemic. Never before in the history of this country has this issue been more prevalent, especially among our children. In fact, they are so undernourished, the Food and Drug Administration just released a statement suggesting that all children should be on nutritional supplements. This is mostly attributed to the poor quality of our available foods and the frequent eating of fast foods. This has become a serious issue attributing to another epidemic among our children: Childhood Diabetes.

Never before has there been more children diagnosed with Childhood Diabetes as there is at present.

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What is NutraMetrix?

NutraMetrix is a nutraceutical company that offers advanced nutritional supplements in an Isotonic form.  These products are all-natural with no preservatives, binders, and fillers allowing optimum absorption.

What is Isotonic?

Most Nutrametrix products come in a powder form.  When properly measured and mixed with water, these supplements enter your stomach at the same fluid pressure in your stomach.  The stomach already recognizes it as digested and passes it directly into the small intestine for immediate absorption.  In fact, 95%of the product is delivered to the absorption sites within 10 minutes. 

Did You Know?

Pills can take up to 3 or more hours to digest and are usually passed mostly undigested with only 35% absorption!  In addition, stomach acid breaks down and degrades the product rendering most of it useless.  You are not getting what you think you are taking!

The Isotonic Advantage:

There is a huge movement among Healthcare Professionals to get their patient's off of pharmaceutical medications and move them towards a more natural way of treatment.

In the 30 years, I have been in practice, I have never seen more health issues as related to nutrition and pharmaceutical medication usage as I am seeing now.  We have always adopted the philosophy that our patient's overall health is our number one concern.  It is a fact that Oral Health effects the body and vice versa.  In an effort to help our patients with their medical ailments,  we were fortunate enough to be introduced to NutraMetrix.  Everything from Children's Supplements, Anti-Cancer, and Anti-Aging to Antioxidants, Heart Health, and Weight Loss.  You name it, they have it.

What makes NutraMetrix so special?  The delivery system is superior to any nutritional supplement on the market today.  At 95% absorption, hardly any product is wasted, so you get more value for your dollar.  Are there cheaper products on the market today?  Yes.  Are they as nearly effective?  No.  Nutrametrix's commitment to the quality and effectiveness of their products is the reason I chose to offer their products to my patients.  In fact, my staff and I use them also.

Visit my website at www.nutrametrix.com/drbobrosswog for a complete list of products available. Not sure what supplements you should be taking?  Log onto my site and take the NutraPhysical. This questionnaire was designed by a panel of Physicians.  Recommendations for nutritional supplementation are based on your answers with regard to your present lifestyle, diet, and current physical condition.  Please, feel free to contact me if you need assistance navigating the site.

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